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June 30, 2022

ATrack showcase new products at Expo Seguridad Mexico 2022

ATrack showcase new products at Expo Seguridad Mexico 2022

Debut of waterproof model with 10-year standby time and high-speed telematics gateway

ATrack Technology Inc., a leading global telematics device design and manufacturing brand, is looking forward to the logistics and transportation business opportunities in the Central and South American market and will be exhibiting a number of new products at Expo Seguridad Mexico 2022 from June 28 to 30.

Based on the theme of "Connecting the Future", ATrack will showcase its fleet and asset management applications, and display this year's key new product, the AS500 LTE-M/NB-IoT Long Standby Asset Tracker, which can be applied to various unpowered or non-long-time operating assets such as containers, trailers, construction machinery, etc., helping business owners to quickly realize cloud management and playing a key role in driving customers into "Connecting the Future".

Demand for 4G products is heating up, and ATrack is actively pursuing the Latin American market

According to a research report by eMarketer, demand for online shopping in Latin America increased significantly during the pandemic prevention and control period, with e-commerce in the region reaching US$84.95 billion in 2020 and expected to reach US$100 billion this year. The newly appointed Vice President of ATrack, Chen-Wen Chao, said that Amazon, the global leader in e-commerce, has invested US$100 million in new logistics facilities in Mexico in the past two years, showing that logistics demand in Latin America has increased significantly. In addition, the telecom operators in Latin America will gradually discontinue 2G and 3G network services, and ATrack is optimistic that the demand for 4G products in Latin America will surge, and will exhibit a series of new 4G and NB-IoT products at the show, hoping to expand its customer base and bring substantial revenue.

Long Standby Asset Tracker is ready to be launched

ATrack will showcase its R&D capabilities at the show. For asset management applications, the AS500 Long Standby Asset Tracker, which can operate for up to 10 years, can be used for outdoor unpowered asset tracking and indoor positioning via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, making it one of the few IoT products on the market that supports both indoor and outdoor positioning, perfect for high-value unpowered asset tracking.

For fleet management applications, in addition to a series of hardwired, OBD and waterproof trackers, ATrack will also showcase two new products, including the AK500 telematics gateway and AX300 LTE-M OBD tracker. The AK500 telematics gateway supports the LTE Cat.4 high-speed network communication and is an important core in the development of all-round vehicle-to-everything applications. It supports 4G communication, as well as 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi sharing, Bluetooth, and engine diagnostic functions, and boasts a rich variety of interfaces for connecting various sensors, such as tire pressure sensors, and temperature sensors, etc., to develop multiple telematics applications. The AX300 OBD tracker supports the RP1226 interface for newer trucks and can simultaneously read Dual CAN bus information on the vehicle, including engine speed, mileage, speed, fuel pressure, fuel consumption, etc., to help operators know through data analysis if the engine and vehicle control components are operating normally, enabling preventive maintenance and further improvements to overall operational efficiency.

Cloud management platform to realize one-click management

In addition to hardware research and development capabilities, ATrack's self-developed cloud device management platform, ADM (ATrack Device Management), will also be one of the highlights of the show. Customers can manage a large number of devices around the world through ADM. They can update or set up tens of thousands of devices in simple steps, which is an important platform to improve the efficiency of device management. ATrack is optimistic about the prospect of the telematics market, and continues to invest in R&D resources to integrate software and hardware and develop a cloud-based software platform, so as to be an important driver for customers to realize "Connecting the Future".