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  • Wireless Sensors Market to reach USD14.6 Billion by 2025


April 27, 2020

Wireless Sensors Market to reach USD14.6 Billion by 2025



As the telematics industry is evolving with cleaner hardware installation, replacing hardwired sensors using low-power wireless technology has become a trend.


The global wireless sensors market was valued at USD 7.28 billion in 2019 and is estimated to witness substantial growth in the coming years. According to the report by IMARC, the global wireless sensors market value is expected to reach US$ 14.6 Billion by 2025, exhibiting a CAGR of 17% during 2020-2025.


BLE is a low-power protocol that is distinct from traditional Bluetooth technology. The wireless standard is less costly to use, easy to install, and perfect for the transmission of a small amount of data. BLE also consumes less power, ideal for applications that need a long battery life.


Use Cases and Examples


Below with the current and future uses to really understand how the wireless sensors will shape the telematics industry.


Cold Chain

ELA Blue PUCK RHT is a temperature & humidity sensor that gives temperature & humidity readings that has a large coverage radius. ELA Blue PUCK MAG can detect magnetic contact loss to monitor door status. All the datasets collected by sensors can be transmitted to ATrack AK11 LTE Fleet Hub then fed into the platform for security alert, also pinpoint potential reefer failures.


Asset Management

A combination of ATrack AS11 and ELA BLE sensors can be a perfect fit for asset management. The solution can increase the security of valuable assets and optimize asset utilization. ELA Blue PUCK ID has a large coverage radius for users to identify and track equipment. ELA Blue Puck MOV detects vibration levels to trigger alerts or automated commands for vehicle access control. AS11 and ELA sensors are all IP68 water & dustproof suitable to be implemented in an extreme environment.


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About ATrack

ATrack (TPEX: 6465) specializes in telematics hardware designing and manufacturing. Our core R&D team has over 20 years of industry experience, and our products have been deployed in various operating environments worldwide. ATrack has also been particularly successful at performing user-specific firmware and hardware customizations to help our clients win projects in this dynamic market. Through our continuous commitment to the industry and providing an unmatched level of responsiveness, we have been recognized as one of the most reliable hardware partners. (www.atrack.com.tw)


About ELA Innovation

French manufacturer, leader in development of industrial Wireless Sensors and Beacons, based upon a wide portfolio of long range technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRa and Active RFID. The wide range of miniaturized Readers and Tags, featuring ultra-low power consumption (ULPW) and allowing extended battery life (up to 20 years), meets the requirements of numerous IoT applications for Telematics, Logistics, Security and Industries such as Cold chain monitoring, traceability, automatic inventory or indoor and outdoor real time location. (www.elainnovation.com)